Setting Up In China

12 September 2022

Fifteen years ago establishing a Wholly Owned Trading company or manufacturing company in China was a complex and costly exercise. Not anymore – local Governments in China generally welcome investment and have streamlined the registration process. A new company can also now easily obtain their own import/export rights if you set up the correct business structure. Whether you want to set up in a small city in Jiangsu Province or in Shanghai the application process is similar.

Often the first thing a foreign company needs to do is register their brand name to protect it.

Sino Access uses the same Government accredited agents that overseas lawyers use – without charging lawyer fees.

Sino Access provides the following services to make your establishment in China as smooth as possible:

  • Company Registration

  • Trademark Registration

  • Finding suitable premises

  • Domain Name Registration

  • Advice on Recruitment of Suitable Personnel

  • Compliance with Chinese Law

Sino Access registered our Trademark in China then registered our new food trading company in Shanghai with all necessary licenses. The whole process could not have been smoother or cost effective.

— Juy Hepner, Director, My Crazy Aunties Foods Pty Ltd

We needed to set up an operating company in China
Sino Access provided all the necessary hands on expertise to enable a timely setup of our new enterprise
A very professional outfit.

— Allan Rutman, Director Australian Fabric Wholesalers Pty Ltd

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