About Us

Sino Access has been operating in China for more than 20 years. Sourcing fabrications and components for Australian businesses through our on the ground Team. The entire Sino Access Team are bilingual, and are experienced in helping senior Australian businesspeople safely source from the highest quality Chinese manufacturers, without the need for them to have on the ground presence.

We fully understand the quality requirements of Australian businesses, and ensure all products comply with Australian Standards. Our Team carry out direct research in the market to locate the right Chinese manufacturers for your product. We actually visit the factories before selecting the manufacturer, to ensure they have the capabilities to produce your product.

Philip Webley – Managing Director

For 20 years, from locations in Nanjing and Melbourne, Philip Webley has been running consultancy company, Sino Access Pty Ltd, assisting Australian companies trade and invest in China.

Prior to establishing Sino Access in 2003, Phil was instrumental in setting up the Victorian Employers’ Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VECCI) China Office. He has been working in China for the past twenty years and visited the market over 45 times. Before the Pandemic, he travelled to China up to four times per year to carry out project work for Australian governments and companies.

Between 2009 and 2018, Phil was a Consultant to the Victorian Government Departments of Primary Industries and Economic Development helping facilitate export of Agri-products to China. In this role he facilitated itineraries in China for numerous Australian managers.

Over the past five years Phil has developed the import and sourcing business, initially in response to demand from our agriculture clients. Phil visits factories in some 20 Chinese cities and towns to develop new supply relationships.

Stephanie Jiang – Manager, China Office

Ms Stephanie Jiang is Manager of Sino Access’ China and has worked for Sino Access for 20 years. She is based in Nanjing, China.

Stephanie is an experienced consultant who has facilitated many missions to China for Australian companies and for the Victorian Government.

Stephanie is experienced in finding, vetting and researching Chinese suppliers having visited factories in all parts of China from Chongqing to Shenyang and Guangzhou to Xian. She visits manufacturers during and at the end of production to check quality. She has been able to continually work around China through the COVID period.

Stephanie has relationships with key support agencies in China including certification laboratories, trademark agencies and Government accredited company registration agencies.

Stephanie is bilingual and understands both Chinese and Australian business customs.

Chris Wang

Metal Fabrication Sales Engineer, Ningbo, China

Chris has worked in metal fabrication and supply for 13 years since graduation from Zhejiang University of Science and Technology with a Degree in Material Processing and Control Engineering.

For ten years Chris has been selling fabricated, cast and forged metal parts to Wind Power, Mining & Mineral Processing, Agriculture, Oil & Gas, Construction and engineering customers in USA, Europe, Canada and Australia.

Chris is fully conversant with production drawings and uses is programs such as Autocad. He works with a team of design and production engineers. He is extremely strict on quality control and supervises production at all stages.

Chris is bilingual.

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