Agricultural Inputs

Supply of Customised Agriculture Inputs

Sino Access has been quietly sourcing agriculture and horticulture inputs for our customers for over ten years. We are now using our in-China team to boost the range of supplies we offer.

We realise that these times for agriculture producers have never been more challenging with uncertainties in overseas markets and obstacles with shipping products. Our purchasing system, supplying customised products, aims to significantly reduce the cost of supplies, whilst getting you exactly what you want. We supply a wide range of parts to you in the same shipment – saving shipping oosts.

We currently supply a orchardists, farmers and farm machinery manufacturer with a range of supplies:

Galvanized Steel Posts and Steel Wire

Sino Access custom makes galvanised orchard posts and stakes. The quality is such that they can be re-used over many seasons for multiple plantings, saving time and money.

Pictures: Galvanised steel stake awaiting despatch June 2020.

Galvanized Steel Wire

We bring quality galvanised steel wire direct from the largest wire manufacturers direct to you. Recently, after the COVID disruptions, the price of wire has decreased and wire is available for immediate supply.

Pictures: Galvanised Wire ready for shipment July 2020

Small Metal Parts and Fixtures - Wire Strainers, Cable Clamps, U Bolts, Wire Tie Clips

We custom make these parts in steel, galvanised steel and aluminium for orchards and vineyards and for net infrastructure. They have proven to be extremely durable in the field. If you send us a sketch or sample we will send a quote. Get your in-house team to install the posts without employing expensive contractors.

Picture: Left: Galvanised Posts, Anchors, Wire and clips in use Swan Hill, April 2022; Right: Aluminium Wire strainers awaiting despatch, June 2020

Painted Augers and Steel Anchors

We make low-cost augers and steel anchors to meet the often tough demands of Australian planting, including hard rocky soil. We supply painted or galvanised to whatever dimensions you choose.

Cast Parts - Tynes and Plough Tips (including with Tungsten Carbide Tips)

Our manufacturing partner makes long-lasting plough tips using lost wax (investment) casting. They are universally supplied to Europe, North America. The tips can be further hardened with sintered tungsten carbide edges. If you supply a drawing, we will make a mould and sample. We can make a wide range of cast parts using investment and sand casting such as XYZ

Bamboo Poles

Sino Access’ bamboo poles have been used and re-used for the last four planting seasons. We visit Chinese growing areas to meet with suppliers. We source them in a range of thicknesses to suit every budget and use.

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