End of Season Australian Citrus Prominent in Beijing

4 October 2021

On Monday 26 September, Beijing’s main Wholesale Fruit Wholesale Market was very quite. The week after the Mid Autumn Festival is traditionally a quite period, however, this year more buyers are buying cheaper domestic fruit over imported fruit because of the uncertain economic times. The Pandemic is still affecting sales.

Beijing Xinfadi Market, Monday 26 September
Beijing Xinfadi Market, Monday 26 September

Boxes of Australian Citrus were prominent in the market with at least four brands of oranges - Sunkist, Sungold, Nippy’s, Moora and at least four of Honey Murcott Mandarins - 2PH, Five Star Citrus, Ironbark and Sumo Mandarins. Traders said that Australian Mandarins were better quality than oranges this year - better skin and flavour - and consequently were achieving better prices.

Australian Citrus Boxes Beijing Xinfadi Market
Australian Citrus Boxes Beijing Xinfadi Market

Prices vary according to brand/quality. For Honey Murcott Mandarins - 2PH available for RMB 550-600 ($115-125)/18Kg; other popular brands around 480 ($100)/18Kg with the cheapest being smaller fruit - RMB 180 ($37)/14Kg. Sumo Mandarins were wholesaling in trays for RMB 300. South African Afourer, Clemen Gold, were about RMB 210/12Kg.

For Oranges prices for Australian Navels ranged between RMB 240 ($50) and 280 ($60)/18Kg depending on brand. South African Soleil Brand Valencias at around RMB 190 ($40)/16Kg. Some of the Australian boxes had collapsed during transport.

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