Delicate Balance between Supply and Demand always Difficult

25 November 2020

The balance between supply and demand is always difficult. My colleague in China’s Third Tier city, Guiyang, told me this week that there were 10s of trucks of local mandarins waiting to unload at the local wholesale fruit market. He suggested that farmers had been told a few years ago of the great upcoming market for mandarins so many farmers planted. The Glut of mandarins means that they are now retailing for around AUD 0.65 per Kg in cities such as Nanjing.

Trucks of Mandarins being sold in Guiyang. 24 Nov 2020

Chinese Mandarins for Sale in Nanjing Fruit Store, 24 Nov 2020. RMB 1.58/500gr (AUD0.65/Kg)

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