China Still the Key Aussie Market for Fruit

24 November 2020

Last week’s Asia Fruit Logistica Virtual Conference again highlighted absolute key importance of China as the number one export market for Australian fruit.

Although Fruit Imports into China through the Covid Period, January to August 2020, have declined by approximately 10% (partly because of logistics challenges) the medium to long term trend is continued growth (Source: Fresh Intelligence Consulting/Fruitnet).

The Chinese economy has largely returned to normal post COVID19 but the Pandemic has brought about or reinforced a number of key trends of market behaviour:

  • Buying fruit Online has become much more widespread and has become especially more prominent amongst people older than Thirty, as well as younger Smart Phone users. This trend has meant that fruit marketing now focusses significantly on Social Media, APPs, Video Blogs and using influencers rather than traditional media.

  • The importance of highlighting health benefits of fruit has never been more important with fruits perceived in the Chinese diet as enhancing health, such as pears, significantly increasing sales. Companies such as Zespri are promoting the Vitamin C benefits of Kiwi Fruit and using key health influencers to help market the brand.

  • COVID has seen a trend towards Chinese consumers buying more good value local fruit and this look for value will likely extend to imported fruit.

  • Quality differentiation of imported fruit has never been more important and this highlights the increasing importance of quality consistency and branding to stand out from the crowd. Provenance and Cleanliness are very important attributes.

Source: Various Speakers at Fruit Logistica Conference.

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