Australian Second Grade Oranges Selling Well in China

12 September 2022

Recently Australian second grade oranges have been selling well in some Chinese cities. These oranges are marketed as “ugly” in China, to make sure consumers know they are getting quality fruit but not perfect in appearance.

This sales trend confirms that consumers are looking for great value in their purchases, in an uncertain economic environment.In Nanjing, in a promotion on 31 August, Australian “Ugly” Cara Cara oranges were the highest selling fruit and Vegetables on the Hema NB Platform. The Cara Cara were selling at RMB 19.9 for 2.5Kg (AUD 1.75/Kg) (non-promotion price AUD 2.40/Kg).

Hema NB Community Stores (owned by Alibaba) is a relatively new hybrid model of on-line purchasing of fresh produce (fruit, veg, Meat, fish) combined with the convenience of pick up at local pick-up points. Each community pick-up location is a small physical “store” with a fridge and freezer and fish tank but doesn’t sell to people walking off the street. Hema NB has around 200 pick-up points in Nanjing.

Picture: Australian Ugly Cara Cara Promo on Hema NB App.

We bought the Cara Cara from Hema NB – the fruit was mixed size and had some rough skin but was firm and had very good depth of flavour.

Pictures: Australian Cara Cara picked up from Hema NB

In Nanjing these “ugly” oranges are also being sold on-line and in-store at JD supermarket and RT Mart. The price is more expensive than Hema NB.

“Ugly” Navel:
RMB23.9 for 1.15Kg at RT Mart and RMB69.9 for 2.5kg at JD supermarket

“Ugly” Cara Cara:
RMB129.9 for 4.5kg with JD supermarket

Provided the taste of fruit is good, maybe there is scope going forward to move different grades of fruit into China to suit different price points.

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