Australian Citrus in China nears Season's End

13 October 2020

Australian citrus has had a reasonably good performance in China this season. One importer in Shanghai said the higher prices achieved by Australian citrus this season was mainly due to low supply volumes from Australia. They thought the quality of Australian citrus was average this year with their Australian supplier unable to supply enough Class 1 fruit for them. As the volume has been low the market was able to increase prices.

The late season orange prices were high at the farm gate and this coincided with price decreases in the market. Overall importers who handled late season fruit made less profit compared to those that were supplied all season and benefitted from good early season profits. 

We have seen that Australian brands with consistent quality fruit achieved significantly higher returns throughout the season. These brands become recognised not only at the wholesale level but also at the retail level.

Retail Survey In Nanjing, China (late September 2020)

We conducted a brief retail survey at Walmart and Hema Stores in Nanjing. Hema is a high end supermarket chain owned by Alibaba and is cashless.

Pictures: Left: Walmart Australian Navel Oranges RMB 9.9 RMB/500gr (Aud 2.05/500gr) Right: Walmart Australian Cara Cara RMB 14.9 RMB/500gr (Aud 3.10/500gr)

Pictures: Left: Hema - Shanghai Store 2020; Right: Hema Fruit Gift Box for Mid Autumn Festival RMB 168/AUD 35 per box.

Pictures: Left: Hema - Aust Sunkist Brand Oranges RMB 19.9/500gr (AUD4.15/500gr); Right: South African Oranges RMB 16.9/500gr (AUD3.05/500gr).

Pictures: Left: Hema Australian Golden Nugget Mandarins RMB 39.9 for 2 pieces (600gr) (AUD 8.30). Mid: Hema Australian Sumo Mandarins RMB 39.9 RMB/500gr (Aud 8.30/500gr) Right: Hema 2PH Aust Murcott Mandarins RMB 29.9/500gr (AUD 6.2/500gr).

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